About Us

About Us

Background of Al-Iman Schools

AL eeman Schools(AL IMANIYAH FOUNDATION SCHOOLS) was established in the year 2003 for the purpose of striking a balance between the western and Islamic education...thus we made you a balanced community, that you may be witnesses to humanity} in actualizing this purpose the school is operating two types of programs named A and B. The program A includes the normal conventional school curriculum with both Arabic and Quran inclusive while program B is also [A] inclusive and with some additional activities. The School operates a fulltime program for both boys and girls in primary and secondary classes.

Our Purpose

To promote moral and academic excellence in a caring and secure Islamic environment.

Our Value

We produce well balanced individuals who know their purpose of life and are equipped to fulfill their roles and functions with excellence.

Our Mission

To be leaders in fostering an educational experience that empowers our students to become contributing citizens that are proud and confident in their Islamic faith.

Our Vision

We are driven on the belief that strong Islamic values, emotional wellbeing and academic excellence are the foundation of our community's success.